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Japan Tourism - Strategy And Branded Content

At Piranha NYC, we are now launching an internationally driven campaign to raise awareness for the northern region of Tohoku aimed at the american market. When most of the tourist flow go south to visit the "traditional Japan" and crowded cities, we sent 4 americans up north experience in an organic and authentic way the jewels of this outdoorsy region. We were there to capture the experience in a cinematically and artful documentary about their adventure. 4 episodes are to be released, and many social assets in shorter versions. Link to the full story :

They Talk About it : 

Travel Pulse

Go Tohoku : Anthem

Go Tohoku : Episode 1

Go Tohoku : Episode 2

Go Tohoku : Episode 3

Go Tohoku : Episode 4

GoTohoku - Intro Ep1 - Social Asset

Full Social Link click here

We also created a social media strategy and micro influencer activations to help promote the mini series across the web, as well as a website design serving as landing page, mobile versions, and multiple social assets ( cutdowns, photography, social posts ) as seen below :

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