St Giles Hotels - Strategy & Branded Content


Role : Director Of Content / Lead Strategist


St Giles Hotels  is an international yet small luxury hotel brand. I have worked on multiple campaigns for them and always as a creative and strategy, but also in the production side.

2017 - #GoSoloGoStGiles

Go Solo Go St Giles starts from a will from our client to attract more of the Solo Travel market, as the hotels are located in key cities around the world and are often in the heart of these, perfect for traveling solos. The campaign is just airing now so here are the three main videos. I worked on establishing the strategy for the whole campaign and as assitant creative director. Social campaign to follow up. 

Associated campaign website

*Hero Video*

We created 3 short hero videos about the fun advantages of leaving to a destination by yourself.

*Social Videos*

As a backing campaign to the paid main 3 videos, we created a series of personas that would give away their tips to what to pack depending on their style of travel. That leaded to a social strategy, creations of multiple assets such as : 5 videos, 10 GIFs, 25 Pictures, 5 interactive instagram stories.


We created a microsite for the campaign.



As well as banners for digital outlets.


2016 - #StGiles360

St Giles 360 shows how the centrality of St Giles hotels effortlessly connects guests to the city. By embracing emerging VR technology and placing the power of a 360° camera in the hands of guests and social influencers, the campaign highlights the same immersive feeling of a stay at a St Giles property: central, inspiring and engaging.

*Hero Video*

*Influencer Made Videos*


We also had the pleasure to work with wonderful influencers along the way, that were also guest of St Giles for this #stgiles360 campaign

*Customer Made Videos*

We gave the power to the customers of the hotel brand, they were allowed to shoot as they want their vision of their trip.


*Social Assets*

We created social assets along the main campaign.


*BTS Video*