4k 24P NTSC - Here are my life settings. This piece of the internet is my territory, soulfully creative, in perpetual motion, I manage content for brands at Piranha NYC, with a hand on strategy, creativity and production. Awarded photographer at the 2017 Sony World Photography awards, winner of the "photo manipulated" category and titled as "Discovery of the Year" by the prestigious 2018 Monochrome Awards.

I will ship out everywhere, starting point in NYC. And I mean everywhere. Birthed a quarter century ago in the controversial city of Marseille, France, 2600 years of age ( that's right ), where the water is transparent, and Parisians are afraid of us. Directly quoting my father, "I was born in a suitcase". Consider me a multicultural kid of the digital era. Half in the woodZ, as a free-skier, a mountaineer looking for an adrenaline rush but also half urban as a true hip-hop head, a house fellow, and a concrete jungle memory hunter. Diversity is my strength. The harder it is to get, the more I want it, but you heard that before. If I have to be categorized, I will go for an empathic thinker, a visual artisan, a digital craftsman, and the bastard son of a sampling machine. A huge fan of a good old "Big Idea," as a strong, bold statement, thanks, George, really. Feeding the hungry birds. Constant relationship with customer nowadays is of the utmost importance for a brand. Coming from an advertising background content is where I shine.
- Conceptualize - Pack - Shoot - Edit - Publish - React. Being woke, yes, but still striking innovative ideas to whoever is on the other side of my creations. I am all for doing more. I like to discover the world through traveling, but not like a bloody influencer. I have lived on shorter and longer terms abroad, imagine how my poor mother must be feeling. It's ok, I am not the kind to forget where I am from. I try to go as many places as I possibly can. Always. Between work and personal travels, I can say I have seen quite a chunk of this beautiful blue planet already, but it's only the beginning. 

Who Dares Win.

My story is to tell yours,



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