YSL - Digital Content


Role : Director of Content / Photographer / Editor



We produced fast and direct content for YSL for their men spring summer 2019 collection show and branding they had in NY.


On June 6th, YSL held a live show at night with a beautiful view of the skyline in the background and showcased their new collections, they bought ad space in the legendary Times Square billboard corner in front of the world famous US armed forces Recruiting center.

We had a crew of three cameras to capture in video, once again, their brand in context in the city, capturing people reacting as well as implementing the grand aspect of having a show live in times square.


We were tasked to capture contextual and artistic photography of Saint Laurent's Branding within the iconic city of New York.



On top of photography, we captured Hyperlapses to give more life and context to the billboards.

Compilation of Screenshots on @YSL Instagram